iGame首家快闪店亮相深圳 还有MOD整机:九段蒸汽工厂首秀

时间:2019-07-14 来源:www.flatour.com


On July 6, iGame opened its first flash shop in Shenzhen Baoan Yufang City. The iGame flash shop is designed with a graphics card-like design that is very creative. The flash shop is divided into a display area and a game area. Players can also get close to the graphics cards, motherboards, and all-in-ones in addition to the League of Legends SOLO that can sign up for the event. This time, the iGame MOD is also brought. Machine: Jiu Duan Steam Factory.


The most popular nature on the scene is the game area, attracting a large number of onlookers. Each player can sign up for the Solo League Solo tournament on the spot. The person who wins the most games on the day can also win the Grand Prize of 1,000 yuan Jingdong E card. The atmosphere is very active.


The game equipment used in the field is the iGame G-ONE game machine, which is iGame's new high-performance game machine. Standard 27-inch 2K screen, refresh rate of 144Hz, the highest optional i9-8950HK processor + RTX2080 graphics + 2 * 16GB DDR4 (2666Mhz) memory combination, excellent gaming experience.


The product display area has also been set up on site, including iGame motherboard, graphics card, desktop computer, and all-in-one. Among them, the upcoming Super Vulcan series graphics card and CVN X570 motherboard are also on display in the flash shop, and the friends on the spot can see the product in advance.


The iGame GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Kudan limited-edition graphics card is also on display. Inspired by Da Vinci's precision mechanical manuscript, this graphics card is assembled with nearly 200 parts. It has a three-layer contact heat dissipation structure, and it is combined with air-cooled and water-cooled heat-dissipating heat-dissipating modules to bring better heat dissipation performance.


为了更好地展示iGame GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Kudan显卡的独特设计,iGame还内置了iGame MOD机器:九级蒸汽工厂。这台机器也出现在活动现场,这也是这台机器的第一个展示。


iGame MOD机:九段蒸汽厂的整体设计是一个蒸汽朋克中式庭院。底盘还设计有管道和可移动齿轮。齿轮结构的旋转更加机械。